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Building Our Bed Storage Box

When we bought our 33′ fifth wheel, the bedroom in the front end was just a carpeted room. There is a closet between the bedroom and the bathroom (accessible from either side) and a row of built-in overhead cabinets up next to the ceiling at the front end but that was it. I think it […]

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Island in the Sky

We were finally on our way to Moab. We broke camp, stopped in Cortez at the city park to fill our water tanks for free, did our last round of shopping at Wal-Mart and rolled north. We passed through Moab and continued north of town quite a ways to our destination–a 14-day FREE site on […]

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Four Corners

Mesa Verde NP to Four Corners Monument is only about 50 miles out of our way as we head toward Moab, UT so we took a day and adventured to the monument–not much around there but a unique destination nonetheless. One can crouch–using their hands and feet–and be in four states at the same time […]

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Mesa Verde National Park

First up on this year’s national park “spring tour” was Mesa Verde NP in Colorado. We camped in a rather precarious FREE camping area very near the entrance to the park. We managed to get our house level side-to-side without too much trouble and, of course, the electric landing gear legs let us dial in […]

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Our Claim to Fame

We’re Famous! Well kinda’ sorta’. A while back, Bob Wells from spent about two hours recording video of us and our rig. He then edited it down to two 15-minute videos which we think turned out quite well. We’ve had a ton of comments on YouTube, lots of views, and overall it has been […]

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Building Our “Barn”

As we prepared to head south for the winter, I took stock of some materials I’ve been storing outside in the desert near Boise, ID for too long and decided it would be fun to do something with them — to actually use them to build a building somewhere especially now that we’re retired and […]

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Building Our Dream Boat

With all the time we spent on and camping next to the Colorado river last winter, we found ourselves wanting to spend more time on the water. I became aware of a boating concept called “Terminal Trawler” where they take an old sailboat (preferably one with a spacious interior), remove the mast and rigging, modify […]

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Welcome to Sailing On Dry Land!

Welcome to Sailing On Dry Land. Annie and I and our two large cats — Inyo and Cody — have been full-timing in our RV since 10/24/15. We live this new life on a rather modest budget so we gravitate to all things FREE — or at least very low cost. So far, we haven’t […]

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