Welcome to Sailing On Dry Land!

Welcome to Sailing On Dry Land. Annie and I and our two large cats — Inyo and Cody — have been full-timing in our RV since 10/24/15. We live this new life on a rather modest budget so we gravitate to all things FREE — or at least very low cost. So far, we haven’t […]

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Our Claim to Fame

We’re Famous! Well kinda’ sorta’. A while back, Bob Wells from cheaprvliving.com spent about two hours recording video of us and our rig. He then edited it down to two 15-minute videos which we think turned out quite well. We’ve had a ton of comments on YouTube, lots of views, and overall it has been […]

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South of the Border

I know I said I planned to introduce you to more Slab City residents, but I guess I must have been caught up in helping Jim paint the “barn” and didn’t make the rounds like I had intended. Maybe when we return in the fall our friends will still be there. But for now, let […]

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Building Our “Barn”

As we prepared to head south for the winter, I took stock of some materials I’ve been storing outside in the desert near Boise, ID for too long and decided it would be fun to do something with them — to actually use them to build a building somewhere especially now that we’re retired and […]

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One January Day

In an ongoing effort to stay fit and ready for the next hike, I’ve been walking several times a week while Jim is engaged in his saw and hammer therapy sessions. (I’m sure he will be blogging about his project at some point in the near future.) Since I walk alone, I walk along the […]

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Adding Our 3,000 Watt Go Power! Inverter

Living seriously offgrid as we do has many advantages and low-cost pleasures but one of the challenges we haven’t enjoyed so much is not being able to vacuum our floors as often as we would like. We have a regular house size upright vacuum cleaner which is very nice but we have just never had […]

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Personal Reflections

“The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour […]

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Back to Slab City – Part 1

As you may recall, when we first decided to check out Slab City (that anomalous place dubbed as “the last free place on earth” near Niland, CA) I was a little nervous, yet still willing. Surprisingly, I found it more to my liking than expected and am happy to be here again for the third […]

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And…It’s a Wrap

Once again, the absence of consistently hotrod internet access hampers my blogging progress (sigh). We wrapped up the first year living full-time in our LCC on the road, leaving our Boise home on 11/6 to begin making our way south again…finally. Since our activities of late summer/fall are old news by now, I almost didn’t […]

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On to South Dakota

Once again, I find time slipping away as we try to operate without consistent high-speed internet. The blog — which is content-heavy and needs a fair amount of bandwidth — is suffering. But what can a couple boondocking and living on a shoestring budget do? With that said,  I apologize for the lengthy post…just trying […]

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Time Flies

We’ve been so busy having fun — and with limited internet — we haven’t taken much time for blogging. So, in case you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to this summer… ~~~  I started this post on August 15 titled “Summer Continues” but here it is more than a month later and Fall is […]

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