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Back to the Future

“Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life. Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it.”  ~ Henry Miller As we slip past the second anniversary of the launching of our big adventure (October 24, 2015) and head south for our third winter of full-timing, I find myself […]

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Building Our Bed Storage Box

When we bought our 33′ fifth wheel, the bedroom in the front end was just a carpeted room. There is a closet between the bedroom and the bathroom (accessible from either side) and a row of built-in overhead cabinets up next to the ceiling at the front end but that was it. I think it […]

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Kaleidoscope, Water Hiking and White Water Misadventure

Following this year’s Northwest Tour–our annual early summer trip to visit family and friends in Washington and Oregon–we return home to enjoy what Idaho has to offer (daughter, son-in-law and three of our five grandchildren, as well as the beautiful mountains, lakes and other waterways). We are happy to find our favorite FREE spot is […]

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Island in the Sky

We were finally on our way to Moab. We broke camp, stopped in Cortez at the city park to fill our water tanks for free, did our last round of shopping at Wal-Mart and rolled north. We passed through Moab and continued north of town quite a ways to our destination–a 14-day FREE site on […]

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Four Corners

Mesa Verde NP to Four Corners Monument is only about 50 miles out of our way as we head toward Moab, UT so we took a day and adventured to the monument–not much around there but a unique destination nonetheless. One can crouch–using their hands and feet–and be in four states at the same time […]

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Petroglyph Point Trail

I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Balcony House at Mesa Verde NP and even though we had been climbing ladders and crawling through tunnels AND it was late afternoon and quite warm when we are finished–knowing we are leaving the area next day–I want to fit in a hike afterward. The Petroglyph Point Trail piques […]

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Mesa Verde National Park

First up on this year’s national park “spring tour” was Mesa Verde NP in Colorado. We camped in a rather precarious FREE camping area very near the entrance to the park. We managed to get our house level side-to-side without too much trouble and, of course, the electric landing gear legs let us dial in […]

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A Photo Diary (of sorts) – Spring 2017

 A note about the photo above:  I usually take all the pictures with my phone but lately I’ve asked Jim to take a few with our digital camera as well. He caught this shot that I think is so beautiful it inspired me to write poetry. Not only is he a skilled writer, obviously he’s also […]

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Our Claim to Fame

We’re Famous! Well kinda’ sorta’. A while back, Bob Wells from cheaprvliving.com spent about two hours recording video of us and our rig. He then edited it down to two 15-minute videos which we think turned out quite well. We’ve had a ton of comments on YouTube, lots of views, and overall it has been […]

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South of the Border

I know I said I planned to introduce you to more Slab City residents, but I guess I must have been caught up in helping Jim paint the “barn” and didn’t make the rounds like I had intended. Maybe when we return in the fall our friends will still be there. But for now, let […]

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