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Frozen Water — Not Ice?

For a couple of reasons — one being that Annie finally finished her elaborate cross-stitch stocking for the last of five grandkids just in time for Christmas and now has more time to dink around on her laptop (I’ve been glued to mine all along) — we find ourselves using more power. But it’s mostly […]

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A Contrast in Topography

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the desert landscape. Almost every time we venture out on a new route, we discover something new and unique. Yesterday, we took a day trip to go retrieve our mail. (Since we have enjoyed Slab City so much, we didn’t get moved to Quartzite as soon […]

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Reinstalling the Charge Controller

A while back I made this note: “I’m still doing my research and scoping out the install; compiling a short list of ‘improvements’ I want to make. One of them is that the large fins on the back of the charge controller are in a now-wide-open enclosure above our reefer, but the fins (as installed) […]

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It’s All About the Kitties

We love our cats so I have no good idea WHY it has taken me two weeks(!) to get this set up for them. It takes less than an hour to assemble. I brought it for them (they lived in it before) and it has been collecting dust on the back bumper of the fifth […]

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Welcome to Annie’s Corner

Hi, I’m Annie (AKA Vivian to some of you). I am usually the photographer (term used loosely) and leave most of the writing to Jim’s very capable and experienced pen/fingers but, every now and then, I will chime in. 12/21/2015: It’s been about two months since we left Idaho and have been exploring another state…the […]

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A Real Oasis in the Desert

Thanks BE to KATHLEEN for directions to Five Palms Warm Well Oasis. It is a REAL Oasis in the desert. We got there just as the sun was going down, snapped a few quick pics and beat a hasty retreat while we could still SEE (dang these short winter days!). We drove South down the […]

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Solar Success — Another Notch in our Freedom Grip!

This is what being able to tell your power company to go sit on a sharp stick looks like. For those keeping score at home, this panel is nearly 7′ x 4′ = 28 square feet of sunpower harvesting glory . . . I’ve seen it generate up to 82 volts of power! We woke […]

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The Slabs

It’s the kinda’ place you either love or hate. Because I’ve lived in the desert before — and we had a few of our own ne’er-do-wells — it feels like coming home to me = very comfortable. Annie cowgirls up pretty good but it’s a wee bit outside her comfort zone. It’s a lot more […]

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