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Island in the Sky

We were finally on our way to Moab. We broke camp, stopped in Cortez at the city park to fill our water tanks for free, did our last round of shopping at Wal-Mart and rolled north. We passed through Moab and continued north of town quite a ways to our destination–a 14-day FREE site on […]

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Four Corners

Mesa Verde NP to Four Corners Monument is only about 50 miles out of our way as we head toward Moab, UT so we took a day and adventured to the monument–not much around there but a unique destination nonetheless. One can crouch–using their hands and feet–and be in four states at the same time […]

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Mesa Verde National Park

First up on this year’s national park “spring tour” was Mesa Verde NP in Colorado. We camped in a rather precarious FREE camping area very near the entrance to the park. We managed to get our house level side-to-side without too much trouble and, of course, the electric landing gear legs let us dial in […]

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A Photo Diary (of sorts) – Spring 2017

 A note about the photo above:  I usually take all the pictures with my phone but lately I’ve asked Jim to take a few with our digital camera as well. He caught this shot that I think is so beautiful it inspired me to write poetry. Not only is he a skilled writer, obviously he’s also […]

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South of the Border

I know I said I planned to introduce you to more Slab City residents, but I guess I must have been caught up in helping Jim paint the “barn” and didn’t make the rounds like I had intended. Maybe when we return in the fall our friends will still be there. But for now, let […]

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Back to Slab City

As you may recall, when we first decided to check out Slab City (that anomalous place dubbed as “the last free place on earth” near Niland, CA) I was a little nervous, yet still willing. Surprisingly, I found it more to my liking than expected and am happy to be here again for the third […]

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Ferguson Lake

After spending the better part of two weeks at Quartzite, it was time for a change. It was great at first. We had a whole large chunk of the desert to ourselves (on 14-day BLM = no permit required) — only one white van off in the distance — apparently he likes his privacy too! […]

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A Real Oasis in the Desert

Thanks BE to KATHLEEN for directions to Five Palms Warm Well Oasis. It is a REAL Oasis in the desert. We got there just as the sun was going down, snapped a few quick pics and beat a hasty retreat while we could still SEE (dang these short winter days!). We drove South down the […]

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The Slabs

It’s the kinda’ place you either love or hate. Because I’ve lived in the desert before — and we had a few of our own ne’er-do-wells — it feels like coming home to me = very comfortable. Annie cowgirls up pretty good but it’s a wee bit outside her comfort zone. It’s a lot more […]

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